• Powermax Gm Ls Natural Starter


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  • Light-Weight Permanent Magnet Design
  • Provides Higher Cranking Torque With Low Amperage Draw For Engines Up To 10:1 Compression
  • 1.2kw Starter Motor And 6:1 Planetary Gear Ratio
  • 12 Clocking Positions To Clear Headers, Kick Out Oil Pans, Factory Cooling Lines, And More

Powermaster's newest addition to the LS starter line is their Powermax starter

With a light-weight permanent magnet design, provides higher cranking torque with low amperage draw for engines up to 10 1 compression

12 clocking positions allow the already featherweight starter to fit in even more positions to clear headers, kick out oil pans, factory cooling lines, and more. /p

A 1.2kw starter motor and 6 1 planetary gear ratio result in a 7.5lb starter that packs a big punch in a small package