• Camaro Fiberglass Cowl Hood, 4


USD 499.99

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  • Fits Like A Steel Hood, But Saves Weight
  • High Performace Upgrade From Stamped Sheet Metal
  • Use Original Latch And Hinges
  • Adds 4" To Hood For Clearance
  • Smooth Underside
  • Made In The USA

A Camaro fiberglass hood will perfectly complement the performance look of your 1967, 1968, or 1969 classic

Achieve peak-performance and an unparalleled expression with a new custom cowl-styled fiberglass hood for your 1967, 1968, and 1969 Chevy Camaro

Available at Rick rsquo s Camaro today! /p p br nbsp /p

Cowl induction hoods incorporate a backward-facing scoop to draw in the cool, high-pressure air that collects on the windshield at high speeds

Heavy stamped sheet metal will slow your roll

In addition to the protection, the hood sets the style for the rest of the car to follow

It is constructed of fiberglass for added performance and flair

Molded fiberglass parts allow for sleeker shapes and curves, increased gas mileage, and a more performance-oriented part

The hood is the hinged cover that protects your classic rsquo s engine and allows for easy maintenance and repair

This fiberglass hood is a bolt-on cowl style model